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Founded in 2020, Texas Reach Network is a multi-platform media organization which connects you with the State of Texas, its people, its industries, its government, its lifestyles and its culture. We explore how Texas began as unforgiving badlands and has grown to be the 9th largest economy in the world. The State and its residents, known as Texans, continue to extend their national and international range of influence - we call it reach. Our team of hosts and reporters delve into various critical components of the State’s governmental, business and economic environment in an unbiased, factual manner so that you, our audience, may “connect the dots” on relevant issues, spot critical trends, and make your own decisions about the subjects being discussed. We meet, see and hear from a diverse, proud group of Texas men and women to discuss and learn some things about their jobs, lifestyles, values, religion and politics and what it really means to be a Texan.


With the help of hardworking people and innovative technologies, Texas Reach Network will provide programming which includes fact-based news, inspirational stories, wholesome entertainment, and thought-provoking information. At all times we will conduct our business in a manner that discharges our duties and responsibilities to the public trust, instills pride in our employees, fulfills the expectations of our audiences and customers, and aligns with the values of our partners and stakeholders.


If you are curious to learn more about Texas and Texans and their extended and extraordinary reach, we invite you to register and join us at Texas Reach Network. Thank you.

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